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Associated Students hope to help students become entrepreneurs

Abed Rah, speaks to U.S. about funding.

Yvonne Zimmerman

October 26, 2015

Associated Students leaders are working to bridge the gap between the CSUN communities’ innovative ideas and the ability to become entrepreneurs, as discussed at their meeting Oct. 26. Guest speaker Kevin Randolph of the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator, A.S. reaffirmed its current initiative to ...

Petition to separate California into six states approved for signatures

Illustration by: Sarah Cascadden / Contributor

A.J. Circhirillo

March 9, 2014

California is no stranger to change. The Golden State is considered one of the most diverse states in the country, and a Silicon Valley venture capitalist is looking to give California a massive makeover. Last month, Tim Draper’s petition to divide California into six separate states was approved to collect s...

Stamping out the aid needed by those living in poverty

Illustration courtesy of MTC

Nathalia H. Nielsen

February 11, 2014

When you have 46.5 million people living in poverty what do you do? It’s not a trick question, I swear. And the answer is: cut programs that help them of course. This solution is not copied out of a hand-me-down book for dummies in Washington, although it is very in tune with what is currently tak...

Former governors to speak on campus regarding public service, time in office

Steven Espinoza

February 2, 2014

Linda Lingle, former Hawaii Governor and Michael Dukakis, former Massachusetts Governor,  will discuss their time in office at a special presentation on Tuesday. The special presentation is scheduled to take place at 7 p.m. in the Grand Salon of the University Student Union. Lawrence Becker, CSUN...

You had one job to do, government

You had one job to do, government

Calvin Ratana

October 6, 2013

Everybody, brace yourselves. The government of the United States of America has officially, as of Tuesday morning last week, shut down. Yup, the government in all of its infinite wisdom, failed to do the one thing they were hired and elected to do: keep the government running. Despite the various Facebook references between the government shutdown and the movie ...

Government shutdown is now a reality

Hansook Oh

September 30, 2013

The 113th Congress caused a “shutdown” of most federal government agencies today due to its failure to complete the standard yearly process of funding the government for the coming fiscal year (FY). The failure was caused by a disagreement between Senate Democrats and House Republicans over Republica...

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