Former governors to speak on campus regarding public service, time in office

Steven Espinoza

Linda Lingle, former Hawaii Governor and Michael Dukakis, former Massachusetts Governor,  will discuss their time in office at a special presentation on Tuesday.

The special presentation is scheduled to take place at 7 p.m. in the Grand Salon of the University Student Union.

Lawrence Becker, CSUN political science department chair, said that the two governors are experienced and accomplished in their respective roles.

“A governor in any state is faced with the myriad of public policy problems, crises, and controversies, and so the many years of experience Gov. Dukakis and Gov. Lingle have yields important lessons that can be applied to the contemporary challenges of governance,” said Becker.

He said that even though they come from two different political parties, Lingle is a democrat and Dukakis is a republican, they share a vision of the importance of public service.

“Each of them will offer brief remarks on the big policy challenges and opportunities in front of us and there will be an opportunity for questions from the audience,” said Becker.

Lingle graduated from CSUN in 1975 and returned this semester to teach a senior seminar course on public policy for the political science department this semester

The presentation is free and organized by the political science department. It is open to the public. Light refreshments will be served and reservations are requested.