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KCSN News Update: GM will pay unlimited compensation in wrongful death lawsuits against company

Andrew Martinez July 8, 2014

General Motors has placed no limit on the amount of compensation the company will pay in wrongful death lawsuits linked to faulty ignition switches.   The U.S.┬áSupreme Court issues a decision...

KCSN news update: Hospitals considering scaling back financial aid to push Affordable Care Act insurance

Andrew Martinez July 8, 2014

President Obama calls for paid leave for mothers of newborns and he encouraged employers to implement more flexible work schedules. The Environmental Working Group finds that nearly half of young children...

KCSN News Update: City can’t prevent people from sleeping in cars

Andrew Martinez July 2, 2014

A federal appeals court rules that Los Angeles cannot bar people from sleeping in cars, because the law discriminates against the homeless and poor. An investigation into price fixing and bid rigging...

KCSN News Update: Burbank Airport opens regional transportation center

Andrew Martinez July 1, 2014

A $112 million regional transportation center opens at the Burbank Airport. Government, business, and law enforcement officials believe hackers are winning the war against cybercrime. Forty...

KCSN News Update: Cedars-Sinai hospital enlisting barbers to detect high blood pressure

Andrew Martinez July 1, 2014

Auto manufacturers are making progress in safety features including front crash warning systems and automatic braking capabilities. President Obama unveils a comprehensive ocean protection plan...

KCSN News Update: California state senate rejects warning labels on sodas, energy drinks

Andrew Martinez July 1, 2014

An attempt to include warning labels on certain sodas, energy, and fruit drinks has been defeated in the California state senate. The Social Security Administration has closed 64 field offices since...

KCSN News Update: Drought depleting rivers, affecting salmon migrations

Andrew Martinez June 26, 2014

California's severe drought is depleting rivers and streams and making the annual migration to the ocean too dangerous for young Chinook Salmon. The number of births to older mothers in their forties...

KCSN News Update: CDC finds use of e-cigarettes rising among teens

Andrew Martinez June 25, 2014

Surveys suggest that more long time unemployed workers are abandoning their search after finding it nearly impossible to get another job. A large percentage of people earning between 50-thousand...

KCSN News Update: City officials endorse minimum wage increase for hotel workers

Andrew Martinez June 25, 2014

A Los Angeles City Council committee gives its endorsement to increasing the minimum wage for non-unionized hotel workers. Work schedules for the nation's 15-thousand air traffic controllers are...

KCSN News Update: LA-based group proposes parking fines rate cap at $23

Andrew Martinez June 20, 2014

-A group is proposing that the city of Los Angeles adopt a $23 cap on parking fines, an issue that could end up as a ballot initiative to let voters decide. -Investigators for Mercury Insurance have...

KCSN News Update: Obama signs bill to finance improvements at ports of LA

Andrew Martinez June 20, 2014

  -President Obama has signed a 12-Billion dollar water projects bill that will help finance improvements at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. -First Lady Michelle Obama meets with 20...

KCSN News Update: New Van Nuys housing facility aids homeless residents with mental illness

Andrew Martinez June 19, 2014

  -MTA leaves Claremont off of Gold Line project funding list -Santa Monica becomes first California city to inspect and require retrofitting for potential at-risk structures -Affordable...

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