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Letter to the Editor: We Need to Acknowledge and Address Our Biases, Not Ignore Them

Contributor April 19, 2018

RE: Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast Graduation rates and course grades for underserved student populations (Black, Latinx, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islanders, and American Indian students)...

Letter to the Editor: UNAM is not a conspiracy

Daily Sundial May 12, 2014

I am writing to correct several factual errors in Professor Acuña’s account in the May 7, 2014 Daily Sundial article about CSUN’s relationship with Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM).Chicana/o...

Letter to the Editor: Bathrooms

Contributor September 27, 2011

Dear Editor, I have been puzzling lately over the abysmal condition of the restrooms on campus. It’s gotten so bad tat the Oviatt Library that, from top to bottom, there isn’t a usable men’s restroom...

Letter to the editor: April 26, 2010

Contributor April 26, 2010

Harrison Leonard has quite an opinion with regard to same sex marriage.  He talks at length about the original definition of marriage.  But he does not tell us what that definition is.  Let's be intellectually...

Letter to the editor: Apr. 12, 2010

Contributor April 12, 2010

Dear editor: In your March 23rd issue, Staff Writer Susan Murray suggests that specified “staff” parking spaces should be eliminated and parking given on a “first come, first served basis.” Her...

Letter to the editor: Apr. 12, 2010

Contributor April 12, 2010

Dear editor, In these tumultuous times college students are pessimistic about the future and why shouldn’t they be? In the case of California the state is broke, cutting spending on education, and employment...

Letter to the editor: Mar. 8, 2010

Contributor March 8, 2010

To the Editor, I wanted to comment on today’s walkout. And please note, this is just my opinion. Today I saw the most useless display of energy I’ve ever seen on campus. Students were walking through...

Letter to the Editor

Administrator September 20, 2009

Letter to Reporter To: Joseph Glatzer After reading your article, “Free education? It’s in the pork?” I have to say I have a different opinion to your argument.  I will dissect each premise...

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