Letter to the Editor


Letter to Reporter

To: Joseph Glatzer

After reading your article, “Free education? It’s in the pork?” I have to say I have a different opinion to your argument.  I will dissect each premise that you convey towards each argument in your article.

Point #1: “One such loophole is the ability for enormous multinational corporations to hide their profits in offshore tax havens in places like the Cayman Islands….”

This I find interesting.  If the U.S. would use our tax dollars wisely this would not be an issue.  Also with anti-corporation talks spreading throughout the Democrat liberal base, it is no wonder why California is in a deficit.

Why would a corporation want to stay in California and hire people and pay 45 cents off the dollar and not make a profit?  The whole purpose for creating businesses is to make a profit, which leads me to my next point.  (BTW: Tax havens where created to avoid double taxation on corporations.  Research that.)

Point # 2: “It’s because we care more about the profits of Exxon Mobil and Wal-Mart than about making sure our young people have a chance at a decent job and a decent life.”

It is not the government’s job to take care of you.  It is your parent’s job to instill good behavior and work ethic in you.  The government, corporations, and rich people do not owe you anything.  We have a choice as people to become great.

You also stated that education is a human right.  You have this confused.  Education is a privilege just like when you stand in line to receive your driver’s license.  You have the right to make a choice to educate yourself.  If you choose not to educate yourself, then this is not any fault of those who work hard to become successful.

Last Point

Point # 3: “In fact, if we closed these loopholes, we could probably make college free or close to it.”

I see you have bought into the liberal concepts of socialism.  What is education worth if it is free?  There would be no value on an education if it were free.  You pay for what it is worth.  If it is free, how do we pay the teachers who deserve to be paid?

The problem with our young generation is that they have been given everything and expect everything free.  For example, the first day of school students want to know if exams are going to be open book.  Will this be on the test?  Are you going to give us the answer to this so we can study?  What happen to critical thinking for yourself and analyzing the concepts to become a better thinker?  To make everyone average (socialist) is to kill capitalism, innovation, and creativity.  You can choose to write articles such as the one written and believe in the free concepts or you can choose to better yourself and understand the principles of wealth.

Marshawn Hogans

CSUN Student
Finance Major

Reporter’s Response

Dear Marshawn,

The all purpose solution to absolve a natural human being’s guilt for having so much when others have so little is to blame the poor themselves.  They’re just poor because they didn’t work hard enough.
You have quite an affinity for capitalism, and I’m sure you’re consistent.  Since you’re not a hypocrite, I’m going to give you a few tips to help keep Socialism out of your life.

Do you get financial aid for school?  If so, it’s time to pay back the government for all those socialist Pell grants you accepted.  Accept Stafford loans with subsidized lower interest rates?  Better switch over to that private loan where the free market sets the (higher) rate.  Lower interest rates are Socialism, and you know it’s not worth compromising your capitalist principles over!

If your car gets stolen, you won’t be calling the police to report it.  No, a man like you believe the “invisible hand of the market” cures all ills!  You would rather lose your car forever than make use of the Socialized police department.  So, when girls at school laugh at you for cruising in your big wheel, it won’t matter.

By the way, have you burned your library card yet?  Unlimited free books are an extreme and dangerous form of socialism.

If you’re stuck in a burning building you will push away the fire fighters that arrive to rescue you.

As you’re dying, make these your last words, “Must…Resist…SOCIALISM!”  You live and die by the market baby! (literally).  You can die in peace knowing the Socialist Fire Department didn’t inflict its government run firefighting service on you!

My favorite part of the whole thing is that you go to a public university.

This means the “free market” does not set the fees you pay. Instead government artificially lowers them.

If you’re not willing to resist all the Socialism I’ve outlined above, it means you crave socialism when it benefits you.  But, when Socialism can help other people, you’re a free market fundamentalist again.

To quote you: “Education is a privilege” not a human right.  So, man up and stop being a Socialist welfare case.  Better enroll in a private university that doesn’t socialize tuition.
You can’t afford a private school like USC?  I must remind you of your own words, “I see you have bought into the liberal concepts of socialism.  What is education worth if it is free?”

Joseph Glatzer
Senior Reporter