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Realistic illustration shows girl putting on blush

The art of applying makeup

Ashley Horton December 1, 2016

When it comes to trying out new or different looks, the key to flawless makeup is knowing the proper technique to use during your application. Applying makeup effectively is an art all on its own, so...

Sephora employee applies makeup on customer

Indistinguishable or Incomparable: High-end Cosmetics vs Drug Store Brands

Ashley Horton November 3, 2016

The makeup products we use can make or break your daily look, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we have to go broke trying to afford those high-end makeup brands. Just because a beauty products costs...

Realistic illustration shows girl putting on blush

Looking Glamorous at a Cruelty-free Cost

Audrey Arellano October 31, 2016

While a vegan diet consists of plant-based foods instead of meat, vegan makeup is a total different ball park. In this case, vegan refers to animal cruelty-free products and testing. Just because a product...

Katy Perry poses with the newest covergirl representative, James Charles

A Fresh New Face Joins CoverGirl’s Representatives

Audrey Arellano October 18, 2016

A new face recently joined a CoverGirl campaign and breaks some of society's attitudes towards makeup and fashion. James Charles, 17, from Bethlehem, N.Y. is Covergirl’s first male icon to represent...

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