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The art of applying makeup

Illustration by Kiv Bui.

When it comes to trying out new or different looks, the key to flawless makeup is knowing the proper technique to use during your application.

Applying makeup effectively is an art all on its own, so who better to ask for advice then an expert on the subject.

Los Angeles based makeup artist, Aimee Levi, who has done makeup professionally for 10 years, said the first step to achieving that picture-perfect look is choosing the right makeup brushes.

“The key to applying great makeup is using the correct tools,” Levi said. “A good rule of thumb is that synthetic brushes work best with creams and liquids, where natural brushes work best with powders.”

Highlighters have become one of the most popular products on the market. When used correctly, they can accentuate and enhance your natural features.

“The best placement for your highlighter is the high planes of your face,” Levi said.

You should apply your highlighting product in theses areas: above your cheekbones, on your brow bones, down the bridge of your nose and the center of your Cupid’s bow.

“You can use a cream, liquid or powder, or all three,” Levi said. “It depends how much you like to shine.”

People strive to create the illusion of longer lashes, and this can be easier said then done. Most of the products we buy claim to dramatically lengthen your lashes, but after a few test runs, we end up disappointed.

“For really full and dramatic lashes, use your mascara wand to coat the lashes from both top and the bottom,” Levi said. “I like to wiggle the mascara wand back and forth from above the lashes.”

When applying this technique, Levi recommends tilting your head back so you don’t smudge the mascara on to your eyelid. You can use this same process to apply mascara to the underside of your lashes.

Another useful tip came from psychology major Katia Li about enhancing any color eyeshadow.

“I use a white eyeliner pencil and cover my eyelid before I [apply] my eyeshadow,” Katia said. “It makes the color of the eyeshadow more colorful, and noticeable.”

One of the complaints from other CSUN students regarding makeup is the hassle of getting their lipstick to stay longer.

“Someone told me to use powder on my lips to remove any oils before putting on lipstick,” interior design major Sara Gonzales said. “When I tried it, [it] did make my lipstick last a lot longer.

To create a fuller and more perfect lip shape means knowing where to begin. There are a few necessary steps to avoid lips that appear shapeless.

“When applying a bold lip, I always apply the lipstick first, then go in with a lip pencil to shape the lip,” Levi said. “Instead of trying to line the lip in one stroke, use little sketch marks and connect the dots to create a smooth lip line and shape.”

“Always keep in mind that there are no rules in makeup and you have to play around with different things to see what works best for you,” Levi said.

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