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plaque reading High Times Medical Cannabis Cup

The 2 sides of smoking marijuana on campus

Despite new law, marijuana is still illegal on campus
a man is pictured in this selfie while smoking weed

A guide to using marijuana

The medicinal purposes for Mary Jane prove to be quite abundant.
Art piece shows the words "Crime Blotter" above a pair of open handcuffs and a crushed beer can

Crime blotter for April 18 to April 24

Crimes reported for the week of April 18 to April 24
Photo of a marijuana plant

The history of the marijuana holiday

420 has slowly evolved into a holiday among all yet its origin gets lost in the smoke
Cartoon of man choosing between two water bottles

Marijuana appears to hinder athletes, more than help

Marijuana as a performance-enhancing drug seems to be a tough sell
Man smokes a blunt outside

A way of life: Inside the mind of a marijuana smoker

CSUN students offer their thoughts on the factors of the marijuana lifestyle.
Illustration of a map of the United States of America' colored in all black with a gray Marijuana leaf drawn on top of the map.

North America is heading toward marijuana legalization

With aspects of all three North American countries supporting the notion of marijuana legalization, it's time to bring a swift end to the pathetic drug war.

Election 2016: the messy catastrophe

A close-up look at the unpleasant meeting of 11 GOP presidential contestants and their aligned, nonaligned and misaligned views on the nation's future.

Baking ‘edible’ desserts with cannabutter

If you find yourself with a case of the munchies this 4/20 weekend, bust out the bakeware and put your cannabutter to good use. Cannabutter...

Clearing the smoke on the real history of 420

The origins of the infamous 4/20 holiday, remain shrouded in mystery to most. Some claim that the date was chosen in honor of Hitler’s...

Stoner selections: Regular show is perfect for an evening on the...

It’s about that time of year again, and I don’t mean spring. This year, the world-wide “holiday” known to all reefers and stoners as...
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