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The true cost of healthy food, for some unhealthy food is survival

The true cost of healthy food, for some unhealthy food is survival

Joanna Jacobo

January 27, 2014

You have two choices. You can walk over to the corner fast food joint to buy a family meal for only $5, or you can spend more than two hours to go to a grocery store, come home, and cook a lovely meal that will be devoured in seconds for $20. You don’t have a car, you live off minimum wage and it... Making it easy to save and budget

Jacky Guerrero

January 25, 2009

Mint, is possibly one of the scariest yet helpful websites ever! Why is it scary, you may ask? Well, because it puts everything into perspective all in one screen. This website inputs your bank account information, your loan's, your credit card debt and anything else you might have accumulate. It infor...

"Surviving Our Economy" Panel

Jacky Guerrero

November 10, 2008

A recent panel , here at the CSUN Sierra Center, Five experts in the fields of finance, debt management, job recruitment, temporary recruitment, and entrepreneurship were at hand to discuss their views about the economy and what it takes to survive the current downturn. The panelists had money manage...

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