Making it easy to save and budget

Jacky Guerrero

Mint, is possibly one of the scariest yet helpful websites ever!

Why is it scary, you may ask? Well, because it puts everything into perspective all in one screen. This website inputs your bank account information, your loan’s, your credit card debt and anything else you might have accumulate. It informs you of your cash vs. credit card debt and sums it up in your net worth (plus it is completely safe to use).

  1. On top of that it gives you tips on how to save your money depending on your monthly flow of income, as well as allowing you to set up your own budget with their recommendations. For example, I only spent $47 in December on restaurants and from that it sets up an average of how much I can spend on restaurants vs. how much money I have and have been making.
  2. It also lists all your transactions, like you would see on your online banking account, with details of exactly how much money you have spent on at any certain store. For Example- Trader Joes: $40, Vons: $29, Coffee: $17.
  3. It also plan’s out a monthly savings plan as well as a plan on how to pay off your debt.
  4. This site is truly amazing! It updates you regularly by sending you overdraft alerts and Friday updates on how much money you have and owe.

This website I found to beneficial for us college students because we often spend with out checking our balance’s or we don’t plan ahead and we come up short when we really need the money. This website make’s sure you check your balance weekly, to avoid those horrid overdrafts, and also provides recommendations on how to save your money.