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Stop treating college as a business

Calvin Ratana October 29, 2013

For many students, college is the way for us to be able to obtain a secure financial future. Society tells us that if we want a future for ourselves and family, college is the way to go. Of course the...

Sallie Mae accused of mistreating student veterans

Sallie Mae accused of mistreating student veterans

Anne Christensen September 11, 2013

The student loan company Sallie Mae is under investigation for allegedly violating federal laws protecting student veterans. The company is accused of excessive interest charged on veterans' student...

Students’ loan debt may not be worth the cost of college

Christina Cocca October 9, 2012

Some students may be forced to consider the payoffs of college when paying off the loans after student loan debt hit the $1 trillion mark last year, according to the Consumer Financial Protection...

Invest in your education long-term; No down payment necessary

Raewyn Smith March 4, 2012

It’s no secret that the government is attacking the higher education system in California with budget cuts and penalty fees. Last month, students at UC Riverside released a proposal to fix the education...

Financial Aid TV helps students learn about loans, grants and federal work study programs

Mandi Gosling August 25, 2010

Tania Cabeza estimates she waited an average of 40 minutes every time she called to speak to a counselor in the CSUN Financial Aid and Scholarship Department in the weeks before beginning the Fall 2010...

Mint.com: Making it easy to save and budget

Jacky Guerrero January 25, 2009

Mint, is possibly one of the scariest yet helpful websites ever! Why is it scary, you may ask? Well, because it puts everything into perspective all in one screen. This website inputs your bank account...

Debt. Whose fault is it?

Jacky Guerrero December 10, 2008

As a college student I know that the money I earn combined with the little money I get back from financial aid is barely enough to support my lifestyle, which by the way is not grand. After a few very...

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