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Many frozen vegetables come ready to cook in a microwaveable steam bag, which is a safe, nutritious, making this an easy way to include more veggies in your diet. Photo by Amanda Blake, contributor

Microwaving Nutritiously and Safely

Amanda Blake May 4, 2014

Microwave ovens cook food by converting electrical power into waves of electromagnetic energy with a frequency similar to radio waves. However, microwaves are more narrowly focused and oscillate at...

The nutrition facts label gets a makeover

The nutrition facts label gets a makeover

Amanda Blake March 28, 2014

How often do you read the "Nutrition Facts" label before making a choice about what to eat? The purpose of the nutrition facts label is to help consumers make healthier choices. You may opt for a brand...

Six Kitchen Essentials (with more uses than one)

Amanda Blake March 13, 2014

Applesauce – A cup of unsweetened applesauce makes a great portable snack, but applesauce can add a dollop of nutrition to baked goods as well. Replace a cup of sugar with one cup of applesauce, while...

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