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Daily Sundial

The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

Alyssa McDowell, a senior and apparel and design production major, considers clothing waste important to the industry. Its a shame that an industry that should be about art, is the number two polluter, says Dowell.

Fast fashion, slow solutions and mountains of trash

Solomon Smith, Reporter October 5, 2023

Fast fashion is a trend in clothing retail that has produced accelerated sales and mountains of waste. A knee length tan trench coat is the anchor image of a Vogue article on preparing for the fall...

A picture of a man driving a cargo car

The Sustainability Center

Baraa Alkassir March 19, 2019
Get an inside look at how recycling happens at CSUN's Sustainability Center
illustration of the plans for the CSUN sustainability center

Sustainability Center near its grand opening

Lorena Salinas March 9, 2017
The eco-friendly building is set to open during the fall semester.
Campus Sustainability Day focuses on issues relating to waste

Campus Sustainability Day focuses on issues relating to waste

Trevor Stamp October 22, 2013

Campus Sustainability Day held several lectures on how students can deal with waste management, as well as dealing with sustainability around the world. A series of lectures were held in the Northridge...

The newspaper hairpiece is just one way to creatively recycle used newspapers. Photo credit: Mariela Molina / Photo Editor

Creative ways to recycle newspapers

Natalie Rivera April 19, 2012

While newspapers can easily be disposed of in a recycling bin, there are greener, more creative ways to reuse them. Some of the most common uses for old newspapers include laying them down when painting...

Garys Recycling Center in Northridge will pay cash for all recyclable CRV beverage containers consisting of plastic, aluminum or glass. Customers may drive up and park near the waste bins to receive assistance in unloading their recyclables. Photo credit: Trisha Sprouse / Daily Sundial

Public and commercial services around CSUN offer unique ways to recycle everyday items

Fredy Tlatenchi April 18, 2012

New technology and new ways to amuse ourselves give us new materials to recycle. Companies in the San Fernando Valley dedicated to preserving the environment are creating new ways of reusing old materials. SA...

Recyclable items in your trash

Julio Alberto Cruz May 2, 2011

I visited coffee roasting company Larry's Beans, in Raleigh, North Carolina two months ago and was surprised at their recycling initiatives. The staff already recycled, but what surprised me was...

Students pledge to recycle as part of America Recycles Day

Aimee Lastrella November 15, 2010

Students were encouraged to take a life-long pledge to recycle Monday as part of America Recycles Day. CSUN students pledged to find where materials can be recycled in their communities and to be...

No use for plastic

Contributor October 15, 2010

D’Ana Spencer While water is undoubtedly the most important beverage in our lives, drinking it from plastic bottles is a poor choice for our wallets, our bodies and our environment. Due to the...

I wear recycled underwear

Aimee Lastrella September 9, 2010

One of my favorite pairs of underwear is recycled underwear. Over the summer, I bought a pair of panties for around 20 dollars and they used to belong to someone else. Before you give me a look...

Get ready for Earth Day

Krista Daly April 16, 2010

During next weeks 40th Anniversary of Earth Day on April 22, people will be able to enter in competitions sponsored by A.S. Recycling that will take place at the Bayramian Hall Lawn from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The...

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