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Creative ways to recycle newspapers

Mariela Molina / Photo Editor
The newspaper hairpiece is just one way to creatively recycle used newspapers. Photo credit: Mariela Molina / Photo Editor
The newspaper hairpiece is just one way to creatively recycle used newspapers. Photo credit: Mariela Molina / Photo Editor

While newspapers can easily be disposed of in a recycling bin, there are greener, more creative ways to reuse them. Some of the most common uses for old newspapers include laying them down when painting or placing them in your pet’s cage to avoid messes. But did you know that with old newspapers you can accessorize your iPod, make collages as gifts and even use newspapers to create a design on your fingernails? It’s true and we will show you how! In this easy step-by-step guide we will help you turn those piles of old newspapers laying around into something creative you and your friends can enjoy! We have listed 10 different ways to reuse your newspapers; so with these easy solutions you and the environment will be satisfied.

Coffee Holders: Make a cup holder for your hot beverages!
What you will need: One old newspaper, scissors, glue and a coffee cup.
Step 1: Take the old newspaper and lay it down horizontally.
Step 2: Fold the newspaper into three horizontal strips. Each strip should be three to 3 to 3½  inches long.
Step 3: Cut the three strips out using the scissors.
Step 4: Glue the pages together firmly using glue (glue stick preferably). The thick layer will prevent heat from seeping through.
Step 5: Wrap the newspaper around your coffee cup and glue the end. Make sure to leave enough room where the cup holder can easily slide on and off the cup. You do not want to glue it so tightly that the holder can’t slide.

Newspaper Nails: Leave a stylish print on your nails using a newspaper!
What you will need: Nail base coat, light gray nail polish, nail polish top coat, rubbing alcohol and cotton swabs.
Step 1: Paint your nails with the base coat.
Step 2: Paint the light gray nail polish.
Step 3: After nails are dry take some rubbing alcohol and dip the nail into it for 5 seconds.
Step 4: Then press the nail onto a small piece of newspaper for 15 seconds then peel off. This will transfer the lettering onto the nail.
Step 5: Paint over the nail with a top coat.
Step 6: Clean any polish around your nail with a cotton swab.

Book covers: To protect your books from dirt and folds!
What you will need: One newspaper, a book, tape and scissors.
Step 1: Lay an old newspaper down horizontally
Step 2: Place a book in the middle of the newspaper.
Step 3: Cover the paper on the book.
Step 4: If the paper is too long vertically cut the far end corners with scissors to make a little tab.
Step 5: Tape the vertically and horizontal ends of the paper inside the book.

Gift wrap: Instead of spending money on gift wrapping paper just wrap with newspapers!
What you will need: newspaper, scissors, and tape.
Step 1: Lay a sheet of newspaper and place the gift on the middle.
Step 2: Wrap the paper around the gift and use scissors to cut to fit the shape of the gift.
Step 3: Tape every end to safely secure the gift.

Newspaper Bows: Bowtie or hairpiece these bows are always in style!
What you will need: newspapers, super glue, scissors and hair clips.
Step 1: Take a newspaper and cut a 4×2 inch piece.
Step 2: Grab the rest of the paper from the middle and scrunch it until it makes a bow-like shape.
Step 3: Wrap the piece of paper around the middle and super glue the end tightly.
Step 4: Pin the hair clip into the back of the bow between the wrapped papers. Clip it on your hair or on your shirt as a bow tie.

Newspaper Seed Pots: You don’t need gardening pots to plant a seed!
What you will need: Newspapers and a can.
Step 1: Lay the newspaper down and split it in half and then split one of the halves in half.
Step 2: Align the papers together so to half only one half.
Step 3: Fold a crease at the very bottom and top of the rectangle.
Step 4: Wrap the paper around the can and tape the edges.
Step 5: Fold the edges of the paper at the bottom of the can until it is tight. Tape it securely.
Step 6: Slide the can off and fold the top crease inwards and tape it.

Collages: Make a collage of words and photos you like!
What you will need: A picture frame, newspapers, scissors and glue.
Step 1: Look through old newspapers and select words and/or photos that you may like. Try varying the colors and shapes in order to make a more eye-catching collage.
Step 2: Cut out what you selected and then tape them on the inside of the picture frame. Random combinations make for a better collage and story.
Step 3: Cover your work with the top of the frame and put it on your wall for everyone to see!

Magnetic Bookmarks: You can save your page in a book with these little magnetic bookmarks!
What you will need: two small magnets, super glue, newspapers and scissors.
Step 1: Cut a newspaper into a small rectangle, around 1×2 inches.
Step 2: Fold the paper in half.
Step 3: Super glue one magnet at the end of each side and press hard for 5 seconds.
Step 4: Let it dry for five minutes and then clip it on your book.

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