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Crowds walk around Venice Beach

Students suggest a warm weather playlist

Nothing better than riding in the car with the windows rolled down, listening to the perfect playlist and feeling a sense of freedom.

Matador News: April 2nd, 2015

Governor Brown issues mandatory water restrictions; a terrorist attack on a university in Kenya leaves more than 145 people dead; a tentative deal is...

Three beaches to help you chill out this summer break

These recommendations combine different preferences for the perfect beach experience

Back up plans for spring break

In case you have nothing planned or it fell through, here are some options you can pull together at the last minute.

For the non-LA natives, stay local for spring break

Spring break in Los Angeles doesn’t sound as fun as spring break in Cancun, Miami, or Fort Lauderdale, but it sure can be. The...

Spring Break calendar of events

Event:Dodgers Opening DayDescription:The smell of popcorn and hotdogs is the air, which must mean that baseball season is finally here! Even though Opening Day...

Don’t let spring break break you

It’s finally here! Spring break is upon us. Seven whole days we can use to be good, responsible little college students and rest up...

Tips on cleaning up your place before spring break

Former dorm resident Chris Sanchez, 21, a senior psychology major used to go home for the entire spring break when he lived on campus. “I...

Choosing Catalina Island as your travel destination

If you are planning your spring break and you do not want to go too far, Catalina Island is your destination for fun and...

How to enjoy your spring break on a budget

By Gayane Jerome After the last paper has been turned in and the midterms are over, most students are ready for spring break, a time...

Best travel spots in California

Since California is surrounded by beautiful cities, mountains and beaches, any one of these locations can be a prime destination for spring break. Depending...

Spring break getaways on a budget

Midterms are done, term papers are turned in and now the Holy Grail has finally arrived at CSUN--spring break.  Many college students may have...
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