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Marketing student launches art-based fashion line

Ashley Soley-Cerro

April 26, 2011

Junior Donna Adi Yehuda, has recently taken on a new venture. She has just launched a new line for the clothing company she has been running for the past three years. Point Blank LA is a T-shirt company that focuses on Los Angeles art and culture. The line uses 100 percent organic cotton and features a blog that Yehuda, 20, describes as an online magazine, meant to inform the public abou...

Student travels the world as a humanitarian

Elano Pizzicarola

April 14, 2011

Kristina Maglic got her first glimpse of poverty as a toddler when her father’s love for surfing brought her and her family to Mexico. While there, Maglic spent a significant part of her childhood living in a motor home with her family. Her parents had her bring her toys to Mexico and distribute them to homeless child...

Student headed for the spotlight on stage

Ashley Soley-Cerro

April 11, 2011

Many people aren’t lucky enough to find their life-long passion as a child, but DeAnne Destler found just that at 6 years old when she discovered acting. Destler, 21, theatre major, said she first discovered acting after seeing a family friend in a play. Immediately awestruck, Destler convinced ...

CSUN student balances school and work

Ashley Soley-Cerro

March 23, 2011

Like many college freshmen, Sarah Pasio came to CSUN wondering how she would find the time to balance a job, a full time school schedule, time with her family and boyfriend, joining clubs and making new friends on campus. She is now in her second semester and moving forward. Between working at a Vons gro...

CSUN student spends semester at sea

Natalie Estrada

March 15, 2011

Seven hundred students. Twelve countries.  Four months.  One ship.   Countless new friends and unbelievable memories. At 21-years-old, Jane Henrikson, a film major, has experienced the world in a way most people can only dream of.  Henrikson spent four months traveling the world through the s...

Latin dance helps student cope with hardships

Jessica Estrada

February 15, 2011

Mia Jimenez’s passion for dancing began when she was six years old, however it wasn’t until recently that she found a way to connect that love for dance with her love for her culture. The 20-year-old junior, double majoring in Chicana/o studies and psychology said she is a proud Latina and Latin dancing makes her feel more in touch with her culture. Jimenez began taking sals...

CSUN graduate student’s heart takes him to Costa Rica and back

Nikki Erinakis

January 31, 2011

Paul Laverack is a graduate student who did not know his admiration for a waitress at his favorite Salvadorian restaurant would lead him on a life-changing journey he’d never forget. “Just seeing her awoke in me a new-found interest in the Spanish language,” Laverack said. “I realized...

Leaving negative past behind


December 6, 2010

During her years in grade school, no one would have expected 21-year-old Moranda Glasper to be at the point she is now. As a fourth-year graduating senior at CSUN, she has excelled and done more than be a student. Growing up as a typical trouble maker, she ditched school, pretended to be sick and became fairly well acquainted with the principal’s office. This c...

Student releasing debut album after four years

Aimee Lastrella

November 29, 2010

CSUN student Jesse Corti is about to release his debut CD after four years of hard work. Music has been the fuel and outlet for this communication major’s journey. “It is one of my proudest moments,” Corti said. “This is as close as I can get to delivering my own baby because all the songs are mine.” Coming from a family full of characters, especially...

Centering life’s passion around guitar

Aimee Lastrella

November 24, 2010

Students can credit one teacher in their lifetime for being a great influence on life, but CSUN student Scott Goldbaum says that his journey is based on one of his CSUN professor’s quotes. “My life’s goal is essentially to leave people better than when I found them,” said Goldbaum. “It’s a quote from Dr. Peter Marston, one of my communic...

Inspiring students to learn ASL at old high school

Liana Hofer

November 22, 2010

In every person’s life, there are distinct moments that define and shape the person they become.  These moments can be big or small, comical or heart-breaking, and are often overlooked until years down the road, when in retrospect, they stand out among the rest as events that laid the groundwork for one...

Working towards becoming the first to graduate


November 18, 2010

With the new semester approaching, transfer student Lizbeth Gutierrez, 23, is reflecting on why she to chose CSUN as her final step in accomplishing her educational goals. As a full-time student working towards a business management degree, she said the switch from Ventura College to CSUN was...

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