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Graduation comes early for third year senior

Katie Donahue

September 15, 2010

In December, Julie Huynh will achieve a statistically uncommon feat, especially in the recent era of budget cuts. She will complete an undergraduate degree in three and a half years. Though she did not initially set out to graduate early, she realized it would be possible after she completed her ...

Using networking to gain band popularity

Britten Fay

September 14, 2010

Third year Music Industry Studies major Ryan Aicklen has spent the last five years discovering the power of networking. His talent in connecting with fans, promoters, and professionals in the industry has helped propel his band, The Collab Project, on small tours and onto music festival circuits. H...

Sacrifices for love of fashion

Marissa Kindelspire

September 14, 2010

Ali Baker isn’t like the other girls in class. She remembers this every time she catches a glance of her feet. Baker, 24, broke both for the sake of her craft, fashion. She didn’t do this by walking the runway in stilettos, but by working behind the scenes of a wholesale show for nine straight hou...

International traveling to satisfy curiosity of different cultures

David Saakyan

September 13, 2010

Just a few months ago, Manuk Avedikyan was sitting aboard a ferry on the Bosporus Sea, overlooking the cultural and architectural exquisiteness of modern-day Istanbul, a city that divides Europe and Asia. The 22-year-old history student at CSUN has long had a thirst for cultural exploration and a curiosity that has sent him off to a number of...

Leaving the past behind and focusing on the future

Jackie Holmes

September 7, 2010

Life is not always easy, but that hasn’t stopped deaf studies major Afelda Aguilera, 20, from living her life one day at a time. Growing up in Northern California in a rough neighborhood, Aguilera got involved with the wrong crowd in high school. Despite difficulties growing up in that environment, she joined student government and leadership in her junior year of...

Shy girl finds ways of expressing herself through art and blogging

Angela Melero

September 6, 2010

Senior Christina Sanchez has a lot to say. A self-proclaimed “shy girl”, the art major had to find an alternative way to express herself that didn’t include public speeches or nerve racking interviews. When making a name for yourself in a field as competitive as that of the art world, she said sh...

Overcoming obstacles in pursuit of fashion dreams

Blanca Gomez

September 1, 2010

For Norma Garcia, 23, fashion apparel and design major at CSUN, fashion defines her life. “Fashion is my passion and is a big part of my everyday life, I dress to the way I feel, I don’t need to impress anyone, I am me, and that is it,” Garcia said. “Growing up, I remember playing with ...

Following passion for music and geography

Tyler Ross

August 31, 2010

Whether on campus or behind her bedroom walls, geography major and graduating senior Jenna Blake says she’ll never give up on creating art and striving in reaching her goals. With a room full of art and instruments, onlookers could describe Blake’s living quarters as an artist’s haven. Born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, B...

Unsatisfied with three degrees

Katie Grayot

August 25, 2010

Recent graduate Evan Randles, 25, returns to classes this fall after completing seven years of undergraduate studies and acquiring three degrees. “Ideally, in exactly one year from now I will be entering as a first year student into a doctorates program,” Randles said. Hardly satisfied en route to the ultimate goal of achieving his doctorate in mathema...

Traveling across the world to find her true passion in life

Natalia Bereznyuk

August 23, 2010

Photo credit: Natalia Bereznyuk, Staff Photographer Germaine Navarro came to CSUN with an interest in the linguistics program several years ago. After traveling to Japan and working with children there, Navarro is returning to work on earning her master’s degree in Japanese linguistics, as well as develop her ...

Learning to forgive to move on

Debra Ige

July 14, 2010

Courtney Renfro, 22, has no regrets. She said she wishes her and her father had reconciled before his death. “I wasn’t ready to forgive him, but I wish I did,” Courtney Renfro Reminiscing over the relationship with her father, Courtney comes to grips of her fathers death and finds peace wi...

A growing appetite to feed the world

Kristin Hirai

April 28, 2010

As the self-proclaimed “world’s pickiest eater”, Chanel Villanueva took family and friends by surprise when she announced that she was going to school to pursue her goal of becoming a registered dietician. “I’ve always been such a picky eater,” admits Villanueva. “It’s surprising even to ...

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