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Shy girl finds ways of expressing herself through art and blogging

Photo credit: Angela Melero, Staff Reporter

Senior Christina Sanchez has a lot to say. A self-proclaimed “shy girl”, the art major had to find an alternative way to express herself that didn’t include public speeches or nerve racking interviews.

When making a name for yourself in a field as competitive as that of the art world, she said she recognizes the importance of an aggressive approach to life and art.

“In my field you really need to go out there and sell your work, sell what you have, and show them why your work is better than someone else’s,” Sanchez said. “I struggle with that all the time but I feel with a little more confidence I can overcome this (weakness)”.

Staying local has also assisted in nurturing her habitual shyness which she called her “biggest weakness.”

She said her lack of confidence has also prevented her from seeking internships and career opportunities while attending school.

“This is also where the shyness factor kicks in,” Sanchez said. “I don’t really know about a lot of internships in illustration and in order to really learn more I need to ask questions. I’m scared to use resources that are there and willing to help me out.”

However, the art major, who specializes in illustration, is far from antisocial. Sanchez has chosen an alternative type of networking in the creation of her artsy blog titled “Post-It.” The site was inspired by the random post-its Sanchez drew on to kill time at work.

“I was sketching whatever little idea came to my mind or even little events through out the day,” Sanchez said. “I accumulated so many that I decided to post them on a blog.”

The site has since featured other forms of art done by Sanchez and serves as a way for the reserved art student to showcase her work and creativity. Drawings, watercolor paintings, and personal reflections give audiences a peek behind the curtain of the shy California girl.

“It really does help with the shyness because I write everything down that I want to share and express,” she added.

This exposure has benefited Sanchez in more ways than one. Serving as an outlet to express herself, the blog has also attracted a fan base.

“Although I started it purely to share my art with other people, it has brought me quite a bit of exposure,” she said. “I’ve sold a few pieces and continue to get offers here and there for new work. It’s like my personal portfolio.”

According to Sanchez, “Post-It” is just a taste of things to come. Though born and raised in California, Sanchez draws inspiration from foreign territory and said she plans on traveling to nurture her creativity.

“I feel like my art is heavily influenced by the Asian culture,” Sanchez said. “That’s why I want to travel somewhere like Japan. I think it would benefit my work more if I moved there.”

Traveling is just one of the many elements to her master plan for the future. After graduation, Sanchez will begin a new chapter in her life that will include art, travel, and a whole new Christina.

After 22 years of being the “quiet and reserved” artist, the art major is opting for a more carefree and slightly eccentric life that must, above all, include “tons of flowers.”

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