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NBC films TV show on campus

people busily move around during a filming

Orlando Mayorquin

April 18, 2018

Filming for the The Good Place, a TV show on NBC, is taking place in front of Bayramian Hall and Manzanita Hall. The Good Place is a comedy fiction series created by Michael Schur, a writer known for TV shows Parks and Recreation and The Office. The show stars Kristen Bell.CTVA major Jorge Perez says he gets e...

New show ‘Narcos’ depicts Pablo Escobar’s infamous history

New show 'Narcos' depicts Pablo Escobar's infamous history

Michelle Moran

September 14, 2015

The new crime drama on Netflix, "Narcos," portrays the rise of Pablo Escocar, the notorious drug lord from Medellin, Columbia. This 10-episode series was created by Chris Brancato, Eric Newman and Carlo Bernard, who not only touch upon Escobar's life, but also the lives of other members of the Medellin...

The Set Show: The Fantastic Five

Conner and Ernesto on The SET Show

Daniel Shin

February 6, 2015

The Sundial is proud to bring you episode five of The Set Show. This week, hosts Ernesto Casillas and Conner Faulk welcome the voice and commentator for CSUN Basketball Ghizal Hasan, Conner's Top 5 NFL Qb's Coaches, Steve Carrel Movies, and biggest Box Office Bombs. The SET Show. Sports, Entertainment,...

Titan syndrome: Americans get into the spirit of giant monsters

Titan syndrome: Americans get into the spirit of giant monsters

Jennifer Luxton

May 1, 2014

No one knows giant monsters and machines like the Japanese.  However, America appears to be scooting its way onto the shelf with remakes like the “Transformers” series and the upcoming “Godzilla” film. Granted, these were imports, but the success of more original concepts such as “Pacific Rim” and...

Stoner selections: Regular show is perfect for an evening on the couch

Stoner selections: Regular show is perfect for an evening on the couch

Neelofer Lodhy

April 17, 2014

It’s about that time of year again, and I don’t mean spring. This year, the world-wide “holiday” known to all reefers and stoners as 4/20, falls on the Christian holiday of Easter Sunday. After properly observing and celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and maybe asking for forgi...

Pack up the yellow umbrella kids: “How I Met Your Mother” says goodbye

Pack up the yellow umbrella kids:

Alex Vejar

March 31, 2014

Warning: If you haven't watched the How I Met Your Mother finale, you probably should. Like now. We’ll wait. The series finale in two paragraphs. Ready? Go! The mother dies. She’s been dead for the entire series. There, it’s out there. Oh, and her name was Tracy. Barney and Robin get divorced,...

Walking Dead season finale sees the return of the ‘Ricktator’

Jasmine Burch

March 31, 2014

The gang is back! Just when we thought it was a silver lining to this zombie madness, their post-apocalyptic world takes yet another turn for the worse. Season 4 of “The Walking Dead” may have lagged momentum at times, but the finale unravels many unanswered questions. After a drawn-out series, producer Fra...

The proper protocol for live television audiences

The proper protocol for live television audiences

Leilani Peltz

February 19, 2014

For someone who has never lived in or visited the City of Angels, life probably seems filled with celebrities, parties and glamour. While this particular image isn’t true for the majority of people in the city, we do tend to have direct access to something a bulk of the United States does not—l...

Looking back at season two of ‘Girls’

Looking back at season two of 'Girls'

Alex Curran

March 20, 2013

Season two of the critically acclaimed HBO series "Girls" saw the series go in a direction that fans feared after the stellar first season. While working on season two, creator Lena Dunham was receiving a ton of awards and being touted as the voice of a generation by many in the media. Unfortuna...

New show ‘The Following’ may be worth following

New show 'The Following' may be worth following

Nathan McMahon

January 23, 2013

An obsession with Edgar Allen Poe, empty eye sockets, lots of scars, puddles of blood, and a pile of dead puppies. This is Fox's new mid-season crime thriller show "The Following." It's an entertaining show with an interesting premise and what's been shown so far leaves me wanting a whole lot more. ...

Best of: sitcom characters on television today

Liana Hofer

March 24, 2011

There are a lot of great characters on television today, but we’ve rounded up our favorite funny men and woman on prime-time. 1. Phil Dunphy (Played by Ty Burrell on ‘Modern Family’) As oblivious as he is juvenile, the character of Phil Dunphy has taken the role of doofus sitcom husband to ...

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