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On the Oviatt Lawn students march holding signs that say "education not deportation"

Protest hopes to make campus safe for undocumented students

Student protesters attempt to back student and staff members of the undocumented community at CSUN.

Undocumented students’ dreams and voices need to be heard

For many students, attending college can be a huge struggle, and I don’t mean the average challenges that come with writing papers, taking exams,...

Affordable care act deadline approaches

The deadline for students to enroll in the Affordable Care Act approaches. Matador News reporter Merrita Llarena talks to CSUN HIEP coordinator Danielle Hockwald. Anchors: Tara...

CSUN administration approves resource center for undocumented students

Dreamers at Cal State Northridge can rest easy, as their month-long pursuit for the campus to offer an undocumented student resource center was approved...

Students dream of a resource center

“Go back to your country!” is often heard from anti-immigrant activists. Phrases such as these have a long-lasting effect on students and society as...

Deferred action program may temporarily help undocumented students

Deportation has often been a fear for undocumented students, but now some students are worrying less because of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals...

Online university for undocumented students cancelled

The National Dream University (NDU) that could have allowed undocumented students to receive higher education was shut down last week after a California lawmaker...
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