The Sundial

Eating more veggies is easier than you think

Amanda Blake

February 26, 2014

As a nutrition student, I am commonly asked, “What is the worst thing you can eat?” I like to turn that question on its head and tell people about the best food they can eat. Vegetables top my list because hardly any of us eat enough of them—including me. Whether it is taste, cost, access or...

Tasty Trivia: Eat your peas and carrots!

Jake Fredericks

February 24, 2014

Every evening around 6 o’clock, the world’s children transform from hellish, screaming banshees into modern-day Picassos, van Goghs and Rembrandts. Peas are arranged into elaborate emoticons, mashed potatoes and gravy shaped to re-enact Mount Vesuvius’ destruction of Pompeii and spoons become catap...

How healthy are ‘health’ foods?

Chelsea Underwood

October 4, 2010

When rushing in between classes, we often  grab a snack. Many of us try to stick with the healthy alternative. However, are the ‘healthy’ options as healthy as they claim? Many snacks that are marketed as being ‘healthy’ actually aren’t that much better, than say, a chocolate bar or bag...

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