CSUN professor accused of urinating on a colleague’s door pleads not guilty

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CSUN mathematics professor Tihomir Petrov pleaded not guilty in San Fernando Superior Court today to two counts of misdemeanor public urination.

His pre-trial hearing is scheduled for April 4 at San Fernando Superior Court where the prosecution will make an offer.  Pending the defense’s acceptance of that deal, the case could go to a jury trial as soon as May.

Arvand Naderi, one of two defense attorneys, said even if convicted, Petrov would be able to petition the court to expunge his record.

“(Petrov) is of course concerned that this might affect future employment,” Naderi said.  “We’re hoping his reputation will not be tarnished.”

Naderi, who appeared with Petrov in court Thursday, said the defense is aware of the tape but the discovery had not been completed and could not comment further.

He said if the case goes to trial, this video would not become public record but rather the public would be invited to sit in on the case, potentially viewing the tape.

The 43-year-old professor’s initial arraignment was extended to allow his co-counsel further time to gather and assess the evidence, Attorney Garret Weinrieb said after the Jan. 27 court hearing.

Misdemeanor crimes are punishable by a maximum term of one year in county jail and maximum fine of $1,000, noted the Los Angeles Superior Court’s website.


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