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black and white clock drawing

Students find daylight savings time to be beneficial

Many students find that when the clock falls back an hour, they have more time in the day.
men in black uniform holding a green white and red flag

Iran nuclear deal in jeopardy

Tensions in the middle-east are going to be much worse due to what President Trump has planned.
picture of people holding large white handcuffs reading "spanish" on one and "democracy?" on the other

Catalonia declares independence from Spain

Catalonia struggles to gain independence from Spain as Puigdemont declares freedom for the region.
pink ribbon in front of pink female logos

My mother’s fight against breast cancer

Breast cancer hits close to home.
cartoon of a boy laying sick in bed

A few students’ home remedies for the flu

Home remedies that are cheap and effective for students to battle colds and viruses.
shadows of men with hats on boat holding sticks

“Fleeing massacre,” Rohingya Muslims escaping persecution from their home country of...

Being able to live freely and having a safe life in your home country is something that is easily taken for granted.Rohingya Muslims, like...
white and grey train stationed

Lack of Metrolink reliability begins to weigh on students

Metrolink cancellations and delays frustrating for students.
president Dianne F. Harrison wearing traditional teal blue and black graduation garment

CSUN may not be affected by Title IX decision

Title IX is in an interesting situation as President Harrison has said she is dedicated to Title IX despite Education Secretary Betsy DeVos decision to do away with key parts of the initiative.
reflective phone with blue white green and orange colors

iPhone X alternatives for a cheaper price

New iPhones to come and alternatives if you prefer non-apple products
two women pictured examining a patient's arm

Healthcare crisis affects CSUN students

The cost of healthcare affects the nation and CSUN students
Photo shows and entire building crumbled to the floor, part of the aftermath of the earthquake in Mexico city

Mexico devastated by another earthquake

The death toll is more than 135 people but is expected to rise.
Metrolink train departing

Commuters using Metrolink look for improvement

Some students and staff from local southern California cities commute to CSUN by Metrolink to avoid car traffic, while others have no choice.