Students find daylight savings time to be beneficial


Photo credit: Kiv Bui

Alin Boughousi

Imagine being able to sleep more and get extra rest after a long day or week. Since daylight savings time occurred on Saturday, many students are happy to catch up on a much-needed relaxation.

Daylight savings set the clocks back, so people will able to get an extra hour of sleep and wake up rested.

Adrineh Vartanian, a public health major, likes the time change and helps with her busy life.

“Actually, it’s better for me, since I ran out of time all the time,” Vartanian said, “Also, since I have school and kids I wake up early and is not dark anymore.”

Much like Vartanian, Jacob Booth, whose major is undeclared, likes the benefits from this daylight savings event.

“Well the fall is easier compared to the spring,” Booth said, “I think it’s useful to fall back. The extra hour of sleep really helps.”

Another student is happy about having the event happening and is grateful for it.

“I commute from Oxnard and I leave early and now it’s daylight outside so it’s better,” said Michelle Carballo, undeclared. “I feel better rested and more awake in the morning,”

Some students, however, don’t notice much of change when the fall back occurs.

“There isn’t much difference for me,” said Marbella Martinez, sociology major. “It is pretty much the same. I don’t feel like it is an hour extra. It is the same amount of sleep.”

Hasibul Haque, real estate major did not know of the time change when he woke up.

“On Sunday, I woke up at 5:30 and realized the time change,” Hague said. “I don’t feel the difference honestly. I wake up early and sleep early.”

Anashen Navasartian, television production major just goes with the flow of things when it comes to the change.

“I coped pretty easily. I don’t go by when it gets dark or when the sun rises. I go by what time I need to be up,” Navasartian said. “Since I adjust fast I don’t feel like I benefit from the change.”