Hurricane follow-up: a brutal one two

photo shows a house collapsed after hurricane irma
A update on September 6th's examination on recent hurricanes' effect on the political landscape.

Feeling left out of terrible Republican decisions, Betsy DeVos rolls back...

Betsey DoVos pictured sitting down, wearing all pink and smiling
Satire, not real news.WASHINGTON ­– Education Secretary Betsy DeVos announced that the Department of Education has begun the process of rolling back the Obama-era...

The end of DACA: 800,000 peoples’ futures squashed by tiny hands

Donald Trump pictured giving a speech
Satire, not real newsWASHINGTON ­– Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced on Tuesday the rescission of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. “We love...

Lessons to be learned from MacArthur Park

young girl (no older than 4) holds up a sign that says, "only bullies crush dreams"
In wake of recent protests, how can progressives move forward against opposition?

A Dreamer’s nightmare

protesters hold up several signs, on of them which reads, "dreaming" and another says, "defend dreamers"
A criticism of President Trump's repeal of DACA

Between a rock and a Harvey place

A brief prediction of Hurricane Harvey's influence on the country's political future.

Is high school long enough?

illustration of students struggling to lift a pencil
One solution to solving a major fault with the high school system.

Coming out as a trans woman

A reflection on trans self-discovery

Theory of prethoughtout language, part four

The fourth and final part of a theory tackling the problematic elements of modern communication through social media.

Investing in diversity pays off

Two women present their project
Diversity in science must remain a priority for the success of the nation

Modesty dies on a college campus

Illustration of a young boy leaving his parents at the bottom of a winding mountainous path that leads to school graduation
If you think you are an expert, from a critic's standpoint, you are not.

The sexual mythology epidemic

side of building pictured, it says, "Addie L Klotz Student Health Center"
Sexual myths can lead to misconceptions and STIs.