A Starbucks lover says lets relax and enjoy our coffee, regardless of the color cup

Who would have thought this new trend would be controversial?

A drawn illustration of two frat students: one is dressed in a colorful suit and the other is dressed in casual clothes with sunglasses and a cup in hand.

Though there are standards behind how one acts in a fraternity, differing standards are held by everyone based on their independent decisions.

Ryan, Kenny, Nathalie and Sundial staff reporter Danielle Parmentier talk about the recent attacks in Paris and the Facebook responses the attack has garnered.  

Illustration of a map of the United States of America' colored in all black with a gray Marijuana leaf drawn on top of the map.

With aspects of all three North American countries supporting the notion of marijuana legalization, it's time to bring a swift end to the pathetic drug war.

With trigger warnings and political correctness in force at colleges, where has the ability to say what you believe gone?

Critics of the War on Terror think pulling troops out of the Middle East should deter religious extremism across the globe.

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This week Kenny, Ryan and Nathalie talk about two issues that have caused outrage, one minimal and one massive.

The president of the University of Missouri system, Tim Wolfe, steps down after accusations of no action taking place after numerous counts of racism on campus.

This resignation may be a premature response to an ongoing problem.

CSUN students shares his upcoming Halloween plans in an interview with the CSUN Sundial.

The Sundial went around campus and asked students their Halloween plans and costumes for this year! See what some of your fellow peers had...

CSUN student takes flyer representing Gamma Zeta Alpha fraternity.

The Panhellenic council wants the CSUN community to know that hazing is still not an aspect of Greek life this semester, and it will keep going that way.