Trump has more or less clinched the nominee but he could still lose the general election.

Bernie Sanders' chances at winning the primary are getting smaller. Where does his campaign go if he doesn't win?

Drawing of a crowd carrying picket signs

This past Monday I turned 19 years old. It's nothing special, really, compared to many of you who may be older and thinking to...

Picket sign of five percent logo

The CFA's succesful negotiation for a 5 percent raise is a good example of unions fighting for their rights as workers.

Group of workers rally and carry picket signs

A minimum wage increase could be a good thing for the working class and the economy.

Donald Trump stands in front of an American flag

Some people think this election year is consequential but every election that has taken place in the history of this country has in one way or another shaped us today for better or worse.

Female fills out form while friends sit along side

A student shares her story of undergoing an abortion.

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton shake hands

This week, democrats talked about superdelegates. What are superdelegates and why should primary voters care?

David Carter is a new columnist at The Sundial and this week he wrote about Justice Scalia's death.

An active member of the Greek community feels his community are misjudged.

Aggressive solicitors on campus inhibit students' ability to learn.

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