Check out our poll about how students found out about the recent sexual assaults.

Campus Crime Alert: Sexual Assault

CSUN chief of police responds to Opinion piece regarding the police and school responses to two recent sexual assaults.

Workers set up display for African American art.

While I appreciate the passion and emphasis behind your September 24th editorial (“Time to make science popular”), I’m concerned about its limited conception of...

Picture of Csun dorms

Without being notified about the recent sexual assaults on and near campus, safety on CSUN's campus is slowly becoming a concern.

Let's start a program that functions to tell male students to keep it in their pants.

Neon Sign that reads "BIg Show"at Big Show on CSUN campus.

While covering school events, let our reporters do their jobs.

A technician holds up a used flow cell.

I was delighted to see the editorial “Time to make science popular.” Such attention at CSUN is rare. I agree that science needs to...

"Sundial News Sports Lifestyle"

Ryan, Kenny and social media editor Saffana Hijaz discuss Edward Snowden's new Twitter account and the accessibility to political figures on social media  

DJ preforms on stage in front of crowd on CSUN campus.

The Opinion editor's account on Big Show.

Illustration of Pope.

Step forward, then step back.

Maintaining a neutral stance on the Greek system is a delicate thing.

A police officer has a conversation with CSUN student.

Organizations from outside of CSUN should not be registered when they have their First Amendment right of assembly.