Theory of prethoughtout language: part three

students work on their laptops outside of manzanita hall
Investigations and considerations of counterarguments to the theory of prethoughtout language.

Editorial: putting out the flames of fear

students gather to talk about border patrol
Can the decision to create a separate career event for law-enforcement be viewed as a success?

Celebrity culture: a social responsibility

two students pictured refusing a bottle of pepsi
How Kendall Jenner's influence can run the world—for better or for worse.

Public transit proposal pushes for convenient schedules

A follow-up and proposed solution to making buses publicly owned and specialized for CSUN students.

“Get Out”: An unexpected cinematic experience

A look into Jordan Peele's directorial debut and how it explores the layers of racism, which operates under the guise of white liberalism.

Editorial: freedom of speech in an era of political-correctness, part two

illustration depicts an interrupter
How we can navigate through our freedom of reason to better understand our First Amendment rights.

Letter to the editor: why buses should be publicly owned and...

Students board the CSUN bus which goes to the dorms
A public university should have publicly owned bus services.

Resistance: the importance of voter turnout

Illustration shows 5 voting booths and a man is inside one of them
Why our local elections matter and how they can make a difference in the age of Trump.

Exploring the boundaries of free speech: a fine line

illustration shows bill of rights vest
Analyzing the boundaries of free speech and whether harmful opinions deserve to be heard in the media.

Theory of prethoughtout language: part two

people protest in the streets of LA
The organization of class struggle has become increasingly complex due to our modern means of prethoughtout language.

An ode to black cinematic excellence

photo shows many of the actors at the golden globes
A young, black woman's thoughts on how "Moonlight's" Oscar win was a step in the right direction in regards to black films in Hollywood, a look into masculinity in the black community, and letting different facets of black people be heard.

Editorial: freedom of speech in an era of political-correctness, part one

Freedom of Speech illustration
College campuses are becoming the battleground for interpreting and exercising first amendment rights, despite the threat of PC culture.