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Past, present associated students meet at annual President’s Day event

Former Associated Student presidents met with current President Jorge Reyes and his cabinet during their Second Annual President's Day event

Associated Students prepares for upcoming elections

Associated Students get ready for the upcoming 2016 elections

Farmers market to return in the second week of semester

Associated students will host the first farmers market of the spring semester returning to CSUN on Feb. 2

CSU financial model proposes tuition increases for resources

CSU leaders propose new sources for funding that had previously been issued from the state

On-campus hotel idea proposed at AS meeting

A presentation from CSUN Facilities Department informs senators about hotel building process.

Associated Students help raise awareness about recycling

In an effort to raise recycling awareness, Associated Students hosted Matadors in Recycleland
Abed Rah, speaks to U.S. about funding.

Associated Students hope to help students become entrepreneurs

CSUN creatives get a boost from Associated Students
Illustration of a remake of "The Creation of Adam"

How A.S. can improve its outreach

Even with the elections, Associated Students needs to go further to grab students' attention.

Associated Students has an election problem

The Associated Students elections need to make some massive changes.

AS will continue to fund the farmers market

Student surveys have concluded a high demand to extend the farmer's market presence on CSUN.

CSUN upgrades its look, along with its local, national appearance

To a full audience in the Plaza del Sol Theater, CSUN unveiled the university’s new logo, graphic system and an entirely new platform they...