University Student Union welcomes back students, hosts annual Spring Kick-Off


CSUN dance crew Fasmode performs at the Spring Kick- Off event at the Plaza del Sol on Jan. 28, 2016. (Angel Silva / The Sundial)

Kelsey Earl

Music by DJ Mal-Ski filled the outside area of the Plaza del Sol Thursday while students enjoyed crafts, food and games at the annual Spring Kick-Off.

Members of the University Student Union hosted the event in hopes to gather students and begin the spring semester with free activities. The kick-off brought many students together to enjoy the activities and the nice weather.

“The ultimate goal for this event is to kick off the spring semester for students, to welcome back returning ones and to welcome new ones if they transferred in over winter,” said the event supervisor, Randy Sorensen. “We really want them to come and have a second to breathe, have fun, and enjoy themselves and maybe meet new people.”

Free food and prizes were given out as students participated in various games during the three-hour event. The games included a ball pit to jump in and basketball for shooting hoops, and students were also able to paint bobble-heads.

A few of the campus organizations such as CSUN athletics were in attendance and handed out prizes.

CSUN exchange student Rafik Sariano arrived at CSUN one week ago. He stopped by after class to relax.

“I don’t have class anymore and I’m finished for the day,” Sariano said. “I love music, I love hip-hop and I love art.”

The event was organized for students to start the spring semester and explore the different areas of CSUN, senior Tamara Gilmore said. She also works for the department of operations at the USU.

“In the past we have actually been a commuter school, and we want to get away from that,” Gilmore said. “That is actually our goal at the University Student Union: to put on more events so students can understand they have a home away from home. This is our living room — you can have fun, you can relax.”