Students gather on Sierra Quad for spring Meet the Clubs event


CSUN Boxing Club members Ramon Ramirez and Saul Hernandez spar on Sierra Quad.

Brenda Mendez


More than 250 CSUN clubs and organizations set up booths on the Oviatt Lawn for the first day of the Meet the Clubs event.

At the beginning of every spring and fall semester CSUN clubs showcase their various agendas to the campus at the event.

Augustin “Augie” Garibay, activities coordinator for clubs and organizations for the Matador Involvement Center,  said the event helps students become familiar with the campus and helps them think of CSUN as more of a home than just a school.

“On the surface, students will get the benefit of exploring and making new friends. The idea that CSUN is a commuter school is challenged by an event like this,” Garibay said. “This gives our students an opportunity to grow as leaders. For me, it’s exciting for a student to come to the event with no sense of direction and leave with more knowledge.”

Garibay hopes students get excited about campus organizations and services.

The event also provides student with the benefit of getting their information out there for new and returning students.

“Our main goal is trying to get outreach,” said Jesus Suarez, finance and Chicana and Chicano studies major. The 19-year-old is also the treasurer of the fraternity Sigma Tau Alpha.

Suarez said the fraternity reaches out to Veterans who are caught in the cycle of staying in school after their service.

“This way, we can [reach out] to those people so we can provide them the services,” said Suarez.

The event is scheduled to continue at 11 a.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 22 on Sierra Quad.