CSUN students share the perks of using a daily planner


(Ross Hailey/Fort Worth Star-Telegram/MCT)

Daisy Perez

Preparing for a new semester can be stressful. it’s important to plan ahead whether students intend to get A’s in classes or try to pass a general education course. If students plan to make it a smooth semester and want to avoid the stressed half way through, consider getting a planner.

“A simple planner can make a difference from students getting an A or B in a class,” said CSUN sociology junior April Alvarez.

Students shared their input and reasons why people should consider using a planner.

At the beginning of the semester, students are motivated to do well in school and stay on track. However, as the semester progresses students may lose motivation and track of time.

Using a planner is an easy way to write down the due dates of weekly homework, readings, group projects and exams, according to Alvarez.

“I started using a planner my second semester of being a freshman,” Alvarez said. “It helped me stay on top of the work I needed to do.”

Alvarez said it’s a great way to practice time management skills.

“By the time midterms came around I was more than ready to take on exams,” Alvarez said.

Economic junior Darvin CalderonIf said there are ways to remember how to use the planner efficiently.

“I try to put my planner next to my notebook that I will be using for whatever class I’m going to,” Calderon said. “That way I won’t forget to write down my assignments.”

Calderon said setting daily reminders on a phone can be an easy way to remember to write down weekly assignments in advance.

Staying organized and actively using a planner allows students more time to go to the gym, read a book or have lunch with a group of friends.

“Students will be stress-free,” Calderon said.

Students won’t be that person that lays in bed one night and remembers they have a six-page paper due the next morning.

Using a planner can help students keep track of weekly sport practices, school events, work schedules, and much more.

“When I wasn’t able to make it to a class due to an emergency I didn’t have to worry because I knew I had all my assignments written down in my planner,” said Chicano studies sophomore, Christian Mejia.