Student Recreation Center temporarily without water, shut down


CSUN students at the Student Recreation Center. File Photo / The Sundial

Eric Licas

The Student Recreation Center is currently without any water resources and temporarily shut down.

The closure is for an unknown period of time and because of a failure in the building’s water supply.

Employees at the SRC reception desk told people attempting to enter the building that the closure could last “an hour, or all day.”

Patrons were evacuated from the building just before 1 p.m. Saturday, after patrons reported low water pressure from all faucets, water fountains and showers.

Staff on site shortly after the closure were told by a representative of CSUN Aquatics that one of the main pipes feeding water to the building had burst.

Employees recommend gym goers call the SRC directly before heading off to work out.

The buildings next to the SRC were unaffected and remain to have working water.