Need 2 Read: Wednesday Book Column

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Every Wednesday, Culture Clash will feature a few must-reads across different genres. Dive in with a good book.

Michael Herrera

Title: Still Alice

Author: Lisa Genova

Pages: 337


Genova’s novel follows Harvard linguistics professor Alice Howland’s battle with early onset Alzheimer’s disease. As the novel progresses, Alice begins to lose the independence she once held so dear and this causes her to spiral into a depression. What makes the novel stand on its own is the way Genova dives into Alice’s head. Genova intricately weaves vibrant details into the story to make it feel as though the readers are on this emotional journey with Alice. The author even goes so far as to write Alice’s thoughts over and over again so the readers can catch a glimpse of what it’s like to suffer from this disease. Along with this, Genova also provides insightful information on Alzheimer’s disease.

Title: Tuesdays With Morrie: An Old Man, A Young Man, and Life’s Greatest Lesson

Author: Mitch Albom

Pages: 192


This thought provoking book is Albom’s powerful and beautiful account of his visits to his old terminally ill professor Morrie Schwartz. Trapped in a lifestyle that consumes him, Albom loses touch on what makes life worth living. Without knowing it, this is when Albom needed Morrie the most. Morrie, portrayed as a patient and wise man even in his sickness, provides Albom with rich wisdom on everything from death to forgiveness over the course of 14 Tuesdays. The dying professor helps not only Albom view the world from different perspectives, but the readers as well. He teaches how to love, how to forgive and how to live without fear. The readers get the chance to join Albom and Morrie in one final lesson about what makes life such a wonderful and meaningful adventure.