Need 2 Read: Wednesday Book Column


(File photo/Lindsay Baffo/The Sundial)

Michael Herrera

Title: Frankenstein

Author: Mary Shelley

Pages: 288


Mary Shelley’s classic novel about a man playing God raises the question if monsters are born or if they are created by society. Dr. Frankenstein takes it upon himself to create his own monster as a science experiment, but is ultimately frightened by the monster’s appearance. The novel is told through two narratives: one through a captain of a ship who finds Victor Frankenstein and the second is Frankenstein’s narrative, as he describes the horrific events that took place when his monster ran throughout the village. The book stands out through the way it weaves philosophical questions within the texts to have readers question what it means to be human or if it’s natural to play God.

Title: The Phantom of the Opera

Author: Gaston Leroux

Pages: 352


This novel by Leroux tells the tale of the infamous opera ghost that haunts the Paris Opera House. The guests of the opera house are frightened of the phantom, who is ultimately a misunderstood figure in desperate need of someone to love. He sets his eyes on the beautiful Christine Daae, who he becomes obsessed with and kidnaps. The rest of the book takes the readers on a chaotic journey through the depths of the opera house to find Christine before the phantom makes her a permanent possession.