Crime Blotter Sept. 26-Oct. 2

Art piece shows the words Crime Blotter above a pair of open handcuffs and a crushed beer can

Samantha Gullikson

Sept. 26

– It was discovered that an unknown suspect stole 12 polar heart rate monitors, an audio system and an air pump from a classroom in Redwood Hall.

– Three residents were referred for a drug-law violation that occurred in UPA 17.

– An unknown suspect struck another vehicle in the G3 parking structure and fled without exchanging information with the victim.

Sept. 27

– A student reported money had been stolen from the residence in UPA 7 by an unknown suspect.

– An unattended laptop was stolen from a bathroom in Oviatt Library.

– A bicycle that was secured with a cable lock was stolen from near the Oviatt Library.

Sept. 28

– A counterfeit bill was used by an unknown suspect to make a purchase in Bayramian Hall.

– Two juveniles were arrested near CSUN during an incident involving trick skating. One suspect hit an individual with his skateboard when asked about trick skating, and was also charged with possession of marijuana along with tobacco products. The second suspect was arrested for disturbing the peace. The suspects were transported to the CSUN station for booking and were held until their parents came to get them.

Sept. 29

– An unknown suspect stole a bicycle from the F5 parking lot that had been secured with a U-Lock.

Sept. 30

– A backpack, laptop, and tablet were stolen from an unattended classroom in Manzanita Hall.

– It was reported that an unknown suspect stole a key left in an unattended electric cart on September 16.

Oct. 2

– One resident was referred to disciplinary action for a drug-law violation that occurred in UPA 10.