Career Center allows students to practice for professional life


Jonathon Bassey gets critiqued by an employer on his interview skills, October 11, 2016 at The Grand Salon, CSUN. Bassey was one of many students to take advantage of the skills workshop. (Max Zeronian/The Sundial) Photo credit: Max Zeronian

Samantha Gullikson

CSUN’s Career Center put on a 60 Seconds to Sell Yourself event on Tuesday to allow students to practice their interview skills.

The four hour event, which took place in the USU’s Grand Salon, featured LinkedIn workshops for both beginners and advanced users and a speed-dating style panel to practice interviews.

Students began at one end of the panel and had 60 seconds with an employer to practice selling themselves while the employers critiqued them in different areas on a grading sheet. At the end of the minute, a timer would go off and students would move down the line to another employer.

After about five 60-seconds interviews, the participants would get to sit down with one more employer to go over the critiques they received to see which areas they shined in and which they needed a little bit more practice.

CSUN student Jonathon Bassey took advantage of both the interview panel and the beginner’s LinkedIn workshop.

“I wanted to improve my interview skills and just practice,” Bassey said. “I was a little surprised by the format but it was good practice to have to adapt to different situations and faces.”

Student Lauren Turner Dunn said she was glad to get feedback on how she sold herself.

“I suck at interviews,” Dunn said. “I’m glad I have a chance to practice and get better at remembering what my skills are.”

Flyers for the event advertised that if students “dress for success” they could receive a free professional portrait.

Upon arrival, students were given an interview study guide, a name tag, and a card outlining tips for creating a “One Minute Elevator Commercial” about your skills and experience.

Another CSUN student, Jessica Realin, said she was excited for the event because she knows professional interviews are just around the corner for her.

“I want to get more confidence in my interview skills,” Realin said. “I need to practice selling myself and my 60-second spiel. I’m glad I have the opportunity to just get more experience.”