Sharing short distance rides to campus


An Uber self-driving Ford Fusion sits at a traffic light on Beechwood Boulevard and waits to turn onto Fifth Avenue in Pittsburgh. (Darrell Sapp/Pittsburgh Post-Gazette/TNS)

Ashley Horton

The anxiety of finding a parking spot on campus can be overwhelming, so some students have started taking advantage of the convenience of ride-sharing services.

A new trend has emerged at CSUN, and many students believe it is a cheaper and faster alternative then spending money on campus parking.

“Last semester I had a morning class and I could never find parking anyway near the building,” Dominque Swenson, an English major, said. “My roommate had to be on campus at the same time, so we started sharing an Uber to get here.”

Instead of spending a large amount of time trying to find parking, students have started parking off campus and requesting a car for pick up.

“I usually park in a residential area off of Lindley,” Kyle Lucas, a film production major, said. “It never costs more than $5, and it saves me from having to cross campus with heavy equipment.”

Carpooling with friends or roommates through ride-sharing apps reduces the cost even further, as people can split the payment between all passengers.

While some CSUN students use these ride-sharing services to save money on parking, others are using them to make extra money.

“I started driving for Uber and Lyft a year ago,” Brandon Flores, a business law major, said. “I can work whenever I want, I’m making good money, [and it’s made] a big difference for me.”