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Procrastination Support Group Helps Students Take Control

Color photo illustration of man leaning back with feet up on desk; clock on his face says “4:30”. Carl Vaughan/Bradenton Herald/MCT)

Among some of the campus resources students can utilize lies a somewhat unusual support group.

This group seeks to help students who tend to procrastinate rather than getting their work done before the last minute.

Dr. Marshall Bloom, a clinical psychologist with CSUN’s University Counseling Services department, decided to form the group with another colleague after acknowledging that it seemed clear that procrastination is a prevalent issue, not only in the general population, but more specifically, in the student population.

The three most common reasons people grapple with procrastination is because of something Bloom refers to as “The Triad:” poor planning, poor organization, or poor time management. Another potential reason he mentions is fear of failure.

Marcos, 28, a kinesiology major, recalls an instance in which a fear of failing due to being unprepared was the reason for his personal procrastination meltdown.

“I remember this one time last semester, I had an essay due in a couple of hours and I literally had no idea what I was going to say or even where to start really. I was so stressed out about it,” said the 28-year-old kinesiology major.

“I did everything other than write the paper. I walked my dog, ironed some clothes, I took, like, another shower for no reason. I even organized my underwear drawer by color rather than work. That’s how much I wanted to avoid facing facts,” he continued.

Procrastinating can at times be an easy coping mechanism. Naomi, a 22-year-old graphic design major, understands the correlation between prioritizing and procrastination.

“There are times where I have definitely put work before school. I’m so tired sometimes from both, that instead of working (on school work), I’ll just be relaxing and resting,” she said.

There are methods, however, that can help break the cycle. Track and field teammates Sydney Berry, 20, and Christina Cromer, 21 find that a regimental lifestyle of routine and planning ahead is what keeps them on track.

“Our coach makes us go to mandatory tutoring, so that really helps me get stuff done. The thing that helps is just planning out your whole day and sticking to it and allowing certain time for certain things,” Cromer said.

Dr. Bloom acknowledged that making time for an hour and a half long support group may not be feasible for students with busy schedules. However, for those willing to make time in order to change their ways, the support group meets Thursdays at 1 p.m. in Bayramian Hall on the 5th floor.

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