Permanent EOP Director Still M.I.A.


Shiva Parsa (left), Associate Director of EOP, and Veto Ruiz (right), a Chicano studies professor, sharing memories of Vargas on March 31, 2016. Photo credit: Patricia Perdomo

Donna Lugo

There has been somewhat of a grassroots movement led by a handful of students who have been rallying behind Shiva Parsa, current interim director of the Educational Opportunities Program here at CSUN.

This past March, a rally was held on campus outside of the Oviatt library where students carried signs with the words “Shiva Knows Best” painted on them. They peacefully marched to CSUN President Diane Harrison and Provost Yi Li’s respective offices to have their desire to make Parsa the permanent EOP director known.

In response to their requests, Li said he has met with students multiple times since then and appreciates their passion.

“It is my commitment to keep EOP strong. I have worked closely with Shiva and really appreciated her leadership of the EOP department and support of students,” said Li.

According to Li, there is a committee comprised of seven members, some of whom were personally appointed by President Harrison and Li himself. This committee has been tasked with nominating someone for the director position.

Ultimately, though, it is Li who has the final say. The committee is scheduled to come up with their nominee by spring 2017, so that he or she may be available to begin helping students by that summer, according to Li.

Whoever gets the job next has big shoes to fill according to Li. Jose Luis Vargas, the former Director of the EOP program, a position he had held since 1994, has been described as a “legend” and a “visionary” by Li for his commitment to working closely alongside students of rougher socio-economic backgrounds to ensure their academic success.