Students can now save more cash on textbooks with price matching

Woman pictured in bookstore browsing the textbooks

(File photo/The Sundial)

Cristina Pimentel

With spring semester just around the corner, students will soon find themselves falling in line at the CSUN bookstore once again. Prices of textbooks, either new or used, are undoubtedly a college students’ financial nightmare.

But now the bookstore is here to help. The CSUN bookstore can now price match a textbook students find online for a lower price. According to a staff member, the rule took effect about a year ago. This fall semester, however, was the first time it was actually advertised.

Purchases must be made on campus or online, while the student is only given seven days to price match from the purchase date, according to the bookstore’s website.

Prices will only be matched with Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and a local campus competitor. Once the low-priced textbook is found online, the ad or website can be presented at check out. As stated on their website, not only does the book have to have the same ISBN number, but it must state whether it was a new copy or a rental.

“Students should utilize this opportunity to save money on books,” said recreation tourism management major, Angelyne Valera. “I think that any amount makes a difference.”

Even though she just recently discovered that the bookstore offers price matching, she will keep it in mind for the next few semesters.

“I hate waiting for books in the mail even though I’m saving money,” she said. “I’d rather buy the books at school and possibly pay the cheaper Amazon price.”

As prices do vary for new and used copies, it is important for students to make sure the lower-priced item matches the exact edition of the other one.

The difference of the price match will be given as store credit. Students are allowed to use the gift card on another textbook or any other bookstore merchandise, such as supplies, apparel, technology, etc.

Although there are posters and advertisements placed in front of the bookstore and along the textbook aisles, not a lot of students are aware of this opportunity.

Students believe that despite the ad's the bookstore has now, it needs to be advertised more in order to reach a wider student demographic. (Cristina Pimentel/The Sundial)
Students believe that despite the ad’s the bookstore has now, it needs to be advertised more in order to reach a wider student demographic. (Cristina Pimentel/The Sundial)

For biology major, Kim Phan, she believes it should be advertised more because it’s beneficial for students.

“It’s cost effective and a great chance for students to save money,” she said. “It should be advertised a lot more for students to see.”

Some students, however, won’t utilize the price match option because they want to avoid the long lines. Communications major Abigail Crane said she would rather order through Amazon, but believes the gift cards are a good idea for other students.

“I do think Amazon is an easier way to buy a used book,” she said. “But [by] buying one at school, you could use a gift card for another purchase, which is very useful.”