Africana studies students showcase multimedia projects


Pan African Studies (PAS) Chair Dr. Tom Spencer-Walters. File Photo/ The Sundial

Michele Rodriguez

As part of their final project, Africana Studies 115 students held a multimedia showcase in the Grand Salon on Thursday, covering a variety of topics.

The bi-annual showcase displayed the final multimedia projects of four AFRS 115 sections on laptops, with the top-voted projects presented before the entire audience. Audience members were able to walk around to each of the students as they gave individual presentations as well.

Each presenter was allowed to use any kind of multimedia platform, from videos and blogs to Facebook pages and Powerpoints.

Cellular molecular biology student Giovanna Santana explained that each presentation had much to offer.

“There are all kinds of different presentations, like African Americans in athletics to African Americans and police brutality,” she said.

Santana partnered with classmate and marine biology major Jakila Laue to present their blog on the government issues African Americans face, such as racially biased laws and oppression in education.

Biotech major Michelle Rigsby explained that because different classes had different requirements, some of the presentations were political and others, like hers, were more personal.

“I chose to talk about how video games can affect the brain,” she said. “Everyone here is talking about something different.”

Director of the Africana Studies writing department Tom Spencer-Walters explained that this kind of showcase is beneficial to students, especially first-time freshman.

“We hope they may continue to do great things within the university,” he said.