CSUNopoly aims to provide campus with financial resources


CSUNopoly board. File Photo, The Sundial

Lorena Salinas

The CSUN Financial Literacy Program and the University Student Union (USU) held their 7th annual CSUNopoly on Wednesday at the Plaza Del Sol to educate the campus community about financial matters.

Students played the school’s financial literacy version of Monopoly by signing-up to get a mini CSUNopoly board game. Players had the opportunity to visit informational booths which educated them on financial aid, credit cards, banking terms, scholarships, and budgeting. In exchange of those money tips, students obtained stickers for their board game. The completed card games later served as a ticket for a free hot dog.

“CSUNopoly helps students to be aware of the resources that we have on campus such as financial aid and scholarships,” said Erika Villalvazo, communications major and USU’s Guest Representative.

Villalvazo was also part of a creative booth where students were able to decorate a miniature piggy bank with paint. Students were then asked to post their piggy banks to Instagram for a chance to win a prize.

CSUNopoly participant Karina Lopez, a liberal studies major, is already practicing good money management skills by saving half of her checks.

“I get paid every two weeks so I save half of my checks for bills and rent,” Lopez said. “So that way I don’t have to pull everything out all at once.”

Financial literacy coordinator, Gregorio Alcantar, is in charge of bringing all of the school’s monetary resources to one place.

Alcantar believes many students are not taking advantage of these programs and money saving tools, such as the Metro U-pass. Many CSUN students commute to campus every day and the Metro U-Pass is a subsidized bus pass that students can use for the semester.

“Know that there are resources on campus,” Alcantar said. “Know that we can help them manage money and encourage them to save.”