Los Angeles municipal election results



Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti speaks after meeting with students at Theodore Roosevelt High School on Monday, Nov. 21, 2016 in the Boyle Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles, Calif. (Patrick T. Fallon/Los Angeles Times/TNS/MCTCampus

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On Tuesday, March 7, the City of Los Angeles voted for multiple positions in city government, including mayor, city attorney, school board positions, and five different measures.


– Elected Officials

-Mayor: Eric Garcetti won with 80.9% of votes.

-City Attorney: Mike Feuer won with 100% of votes.

-L.A. Unified School Board

-District 2: Monica Garcia won with 57.7% of votes.

-District 4: Steven Zimmer won with 47.5% of votes.

-District 6: Kelly Fitzpatrick-Gonez won with 36.1% of votes

-L.A. Community College District

-Board of Trustees, seat 2: Steven Veres won with 43.6% of votes.

-Board of Trustees, seat 4: Ernest H. Moreno won with 54.4% of votes

-Board of Trustees, seat 6: Gabriel Buelna won with 59.1% of votes.


-Measure H: If passed, Measure H would authorize a .25 county sales tax increase for the next 10 years in order to help fund homeless services and prevention. Passed with a 67.4% Yes vote.

-Measure M: If passed, Measure M would enact the City Council ordinance to regulate and tax marijuana. Passed with a 79.4% Yes vote.

-Measure N: If passed, Measure N would enact a citizen initiative to regulate and tax marijuana, in opposition to Measure M. Did not pass, with a 63.7% No vote.

-Measure P: If passed, the city charter would be amended to allow the maximum length of leases from the Harbor Department to increase from 50 years to 66 years, to match state law. Passed with a 67.2% Yes vote.

-Measure S: If passed, Measure S would slow down city development. Did not pass, with a 68.8% No vote.

Results from the L.A. Times

Measure descriptions from Ballotpedia