CSUN biology professor to address issues concerning the underprivileged at L.A. March for Science


CSUN Biology Professor Maria Elena Zavala. Photo Credit: Maria Elena Zavala

Lorena Salinas

The Los Angeles March for Science will be hosting their first march on Saturday, April 22, in honor of Earth Day.

The march comes after President Trump’s administration began airing proposals declaring that global warming is made up and that producing birth control is not affordable.

Guest speakers include Allison Schroeder, screenwriter of “Hidden Figures,” Nitin Apte, CEO of Materia Inc., and Brad Sherman, U.S. Representative from California’s 30th Congressional District, among other professionals who specialize in different sciences. In addition, the march will include a science expo.

Maria Elena Zavala, a CSUN biology professor, was also invited to speak at the event. Zavala hopes to draw attention to new policies that are being proposed by the current Trump administration, that may affect the underrepresented, poor and less educated.

“If it threatens one, it threatens all,” Zavala said. “Science is all around us, we all benefit from the products of science.”

Zavala said that scientists have never felt so threatened.

“In the past science was supported by both parties,” Zavala said. “The new administration seems to be different from past ones.”

The L.A. March for Science is supposed to be the second largest gathering, making the Washington D.C. March for Science the number one.

Marchers will gather at Pershing Square in Downtown L.A. at 9:00 a.m. Speakers will start their speeches at 10:00 a.m. The West Los Angeles Children’s Choir will be performing prior to the march.