Art department showcases work by graduate students


A piece by Kellan King. Photo credit: Joanna Rosales

Joanna Rosales

CSUN’s Main Gallery opened up to a new graduate exhibit featuring the work of Master of Arts and Master of Fine Arts students on Sunday.

The art featured were made by students Alina Hayes, Mehrnoosh Eskandri, Marzieh Karimi, Curtis Taylor, Minyi Liang, Pablo Estrada, Kellan King, Daniela Barbani, Ariel Mazariegos and Zara Kuredjian. The new gallery featured paintings, sculptures, photos, videos and even a piece of laundry lint.

The gallery will be open from May 6 to May 27, from noon to 4 p.m. Monday through Saturday and Thursdays from noon to 8 p.m.

Testimony Series by Mehrnoosh Eskandari made of mixed media on wood and paper. Photo credit: Joanna Rosales

Saticoy by Kellan King made of cement and acrylic sheet. Photo credit: Joanna Rosales
Family Heirloom by Alina Hayes made of porcelain, clay, decals and gold luster. Photo credit: Joanna Rosales
IN-N-OUT BURGERS embroidery by Ariel Mazariegos. Photo credit: Joanna Rosales
Modularity by Curtis Taylor. Photo credit: Joanna Rosales