Freudian Sip now serves Starbucks coffee at the Sierra Center


Currently, CSUN serves Starbucks only at the Sierra Center Photo credit: Kianna Hendricks

Kianna Hendricks

The start of the semester marks the beginning for many things, one being Starbucks coffee now sold on campus.

The Freudian Sip in the Sierra Center is now a “we proudly brew” Starbucks coffee location, and it is the only location on campus to do so.

The Sierra Center location sells Starbucks’ blonde, medium and dark roasts, cold brews, frappes and their tumblers.

“CSUN Dining successfully operates six Freudian Sip coffeehouses, an organic self-brand which began 17 years ago. We are very proud of our coffee program,” Director of Campus Dining, Betsy Corrigan said. “[This is] a way to appeal to Starbucks fans, while retaining our Freud brand.”

Other CSU campuses already offer the Starbucks brand on their campuses. Many CSUN students were waiting for the coffee brand to be brought to our own and are pleased that the time has come.

“The coffee is really strong and it is very similar to how normal Starbucks is,” USU employee Aleyna Williams said. “I like very strong coffee so I don’t feel like I get the same effect with Freudian Sip coffee as I do with the Starbucks they offer here.”

Magali Castro, Junior Sociology major, sits at Freudian Sip with Starbucks frappuccino

As a “we proudly brew” and not a fully certified Starbucks location, Freudian Sip will not be offering a full menu, selling or accepting Starbucks cards, using the app features, participating in promotions or the rewards program.

“With my app, I’m a [Starbucks] Gold member, so then I get free things,” Magali Castro, a junior sociology major said. “Here I can’t, so that sucks.”

Though bringing Starbucks coffee to the campus has been a fan favorite, CSUN does not plan to offer the brand at more Freudian sips.

“Many CSUs have Starbucks stores, but there is no intention to expand even more here at CSUN,” Corrigan said. “We love our Freud’s!”