Students settle into their new homes on campus


Students check into their rooms at the tent perpendicular to Lassen Street on the F10 parking lot. Photo credit: Alejandro Aranda

Kianna Hendricks

Over 1900 students moved into the 21 buildings of student housing the week before school began.

Move-in started Aug. 20 and Aug. 21 for first-time freshmen accepted in the Living Learning Communities (LLCs) — communities for specified majors, academic programs or colleges on campus — and Themed Living Communities (TLCs) — communities united around a specific theme.

The largest move-in day was Aug. 26, where approximately 1800 students moved in, according to Contracts and Allocations Coordinator DaVon Henson. “Monday was about 500, Friday was about 550 and [Saturday] over 1800 [students],” Henson said.

Upon their arrival, police and traffic officers directed the flow of traffic to the check in tents located in the F10 parking lot.

Police and traffic officers control the flow of traffic in front of the entrances to housing.
Check in line for dorms at the F10 parking lot was so long that CSUN staff for housing was unable to provide a shaded area for all of the people waiting in line.
Students check into their rooms at the tent perpendicular to Lassen Street on the F10 parking lot.

Shaded tents for check-in stations and water bottles were passed out to accommodate the 100 degree weather conditions. In line, individuals were seen shading their heads in attempt to hide from the sun.

Accounnting major transfer student Teddy Iwuh (left) and History major Ashley Frazier (right) shade themselves from the sun while waiting in line at the F10 parking lot to check into thier dorm rooms.

When students completed check-in, they were directed to the unloading zones in the student housing parking lots.

Unloading in parking lot F9 in front of building 17, Toyon Hall, limited to 15 minutes.

Students then unloaded their belongings, and movers in orange vests were ready to assist them to their dorms.

Movers help students take their belongings from their cars to their housing.
Third year screen writing major Cade Stedman carring a couple of boxes followed by his mother Deana to his new dorm room in University park apartments on campus.

Then, it was time for students to settle into their new homes.

Freshman Liliana Cruz (left) and Alyssa Vazquez setlling in thier new home away from home at CSUN student housing on campus.

Student housing dining hall, Geronimo’s, offered free food for move-in day.