President Harrison welcomes students and staff at President’s Picnic


President Harrison arrives with her Chief of Staff, Jill Smith.

Lauren Turner Dunn

President Dianne Harrison’s annual picnic and dinner on Bayramian Lawn on Wednesday welcomed students and faculty members.

In order for students to connect with faculty and staff, the event was held at two different times. The picnic was from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. and the dinner was from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. 

New Student Orientation (NSO) students, Cammeron Parrish and Melanie Rosales welcome students with CSUN Dining fans and CSUN student handbooks.
President Harrison arrives with her Chief of Staff, Jill Smith.

This annual event allowed students to meet new people, connect with professors outside of their majors, learn more about CSUN and meet Harrison and Vice President William Watkins.

Students wait in line to get chicken or vegetable tacos, cucumber salad, and watermelon.
NSO student, Daniel Genaro laughs while serving students cucumber salad.
The food served at the picnic was catered by Orange Grove Bistro. This refreshing cucumber salad includes: jicama, cucumber, cilantro, and tomatoes.
CSUN students, faculty and staff members and Orange Grove Bistro employees got to interact as they get their plates.
Instead of dessert the last thing students got on their plates was watermelon.
Journalism Professor Elizabeth Blakey stays cool while giving students water and soda after they get their plates.

Faculty and staff members and some students volunteer to serve each other. The back to school celebration is a Matador family reunion, which also welcomes new Matadors to the family.

While eating students enjoyed music played by DJ Mal-Ski.
DJ Mal-Ski hypes students up to dance and win prizes.
Aside from eating and dancing students get to know each other, create new memories and embrace their Matador spirit.
President Harrison stops by tables to give students matador keychains.
First time freshman, Amayah shows her moves at the dinner when she jumps in the middle of the dance circle.
Students had the chance to introduce themselves and talk to President Harrison.

According to Harrison students came up to her with memories of their first presidential picnic, and now four years later, they are graduating.

After talking to President Harrison, they can take pictures in front of the CSUN backdrop.
Students show pride and take photos in the photo booth.