Auditions for the 16th Annual Student Showcase preview


Teiliana Pelekai won the show last year after she performed a mash-up of songs that she created, which included Drake, Usher, and Lukas Graham.

Karin Abcarians

The 16th Annual Student Showcase is fast approaching and students are getting ready to show off their talents ranging singing to spoken word poetry.

Criminal Justice major Teiliana Pelekai, 20, won the show last year after she performed a mash-up of songs that she created, which included Drake, Usher and Lukas Graham.

“I auditioned the year before and placed third. I really enjoyed my first time auditioning and performing, so I decided to give it another try,” Pelekai said.

Pelekai also said the audition process is simple. Students can sign up online an choose the day as well as the time for the audition. According to Pelekai, students receive a response a few days later to let them know if they made it into the showcase.

“Be yourself and do your talent the best way you can…and always do something unique that will stand out,” Pelekai said. “That’s what I always try to do because it’ll have the judges remember you.”

Agnesa Yeranyan


Agnesa Yeranyan, 25-year-old sociology major, tied for third place in last year’s show.

“I’m mostly a pop singer,” Yeranyan said. “I auditioned because I simply love performing and the stage.”

Although school competitions can be terrifying, Yeranyan said she went ready to show off her talents.

“The idea of auditioning made me very nervous, but I got through it by not over thinking about the outcome,” Yeranyan said. “My advice for all is to be unique and connect with the audience by your performance. In other words, make them get goosebumps.”

There’s a mandatory filming day on Oct. 10 for a showcase video montage. Also, the music the participants want to use must be submitted to event leader Drake Baker by Oct. 24 by 5 p.m. The participant will be disqualified if the songs contain explicit lyrics.

Students can audition online and the auditions will be held on Sept. 18 and 19 at the University Student Union’s Lake View Terrace room from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. both days.