Crime Blotter 10/25 – 10/31

Lauren Turner Dunn

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Wednesday, Oct. 25

Within a day an unknown suspect damaged the elevator call buttons on the first floor and second floor of building 16 in the University Park Apartments.

Thursday, Oct. 26

The investigation continues after someone damaged a concrete trashcan in Live Oak Hall.

CSUN officers cited a skateboarder for doing tricks on campus near the Orange Grove. The suspect was given a citation and a seven-day restraining order.

An unknown suspect broke the plexiglass to a display case near the Little Theater in Nordhoff Hall.

Someone used different color paint to write graffiti in the men’s restroom on the first floor of Chaparral Hall.

Friday, Oct. 27

Someone used a black paint pen to write graffiti in the men’s restroom on the first floor of Sequoia Hall.

An unknown suspect stole an unattended cellphone that was left in the restroom of Sierra Tower.

Someone hit a vehicle in the G3 Parking structure without leaving their information. The measure of damage and description of the hit vehicle was not provided in the crime log.

The investigation continues after someone stole a laptop, two sweatshirts and a box of ramen noodles from building 14 in the University Park Apartments.

Saturday, Oct. 28

Officials are investigating the details of the fire alarm was falsely pulled in Eucalyptus Hall. The suspect is still unknown.

An unknown suspect broke into a vehicle and stole a wallet, tools, laptop, purse, dash board camera and ignition keys in the F10 parking lot.

Sunday, Oct. 29

An unknown suspect stole both tires and the seat of a bike that was secured to the bike rack by University Park Apartments building 17.

Monday, Oct. 30

An unknown suspect damaged the first floor exterior elevator call buttons in University Apartments building 16. Officials are still investigating.

Twelve residents were referred for alcohol law violations in the University Park Apartments.

Tuesday, Oct. 31

Someone wrote a derogatory statement and swastika in purple paint on the walkway between the USU and the Rainforest.