Dr. Sharlene Katz’s legacy lives


Photo courtesy of James Flynn

Lauren Turner Dunn

Dr. Sharlene Katz died on Nov. 17, 2017 from a brief illness.

Before her career at CSUN, Dr. Katz graduated from UCLA with a Ph.D. in electrical engineering. Dr. Katz was a full-time professor at CSUN; during her time she served as department chair in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department twice. She also served as associate dean in the College of Engineering.

Dr. Katz was eager to provide students with hands on experience. In 2013, she worked with students and faculty to launch a shoebox-sized satellite. Among the faculty she worked with includes her husband, James Flynn, who is also an electrical and computer engineering professor. Before passing, Dr. Katz was the principle investigator for the development, launch and operation of CSUN’s first satellite, according to Professor Flynn.

“CSUNSat1 was launched in April 2017 and deployed from the International Space Station in May 2017,”Professor Flynn said. “It successfully completed its main mission in July 2017 and continues on orbit, recently completing a new round of experiments.”

Dr. Katz’s focus of study was in digital and analog communications, she worked with Edwards Air Force Base and Naval Air (Navair) Station Point Mugu. There, she created design clinics for students to get the engineering experience they needed to get jobs in the space and military industry after graduation.

Because of Dr. Katz, satellites and students will soar beyond time and space.