Election code changed following candidate disqualification


2013 File Photo / The Sundial

Brandon Ilano

Associated Students announced four code changes, including a change to the election code.

The change to the election code is a minor revision to clarify that the chair of elections, assistant chair of elections and all election committee members are ineligible to run in the same academic year.

“There was some confusion as to who the membership of the elections committee was since it specifies that the members of the elections committee cannot run for a position in the election for the year that they are in office,” Senator Michael Solano said. “It did not specify that or the president and vice president. It was only implied by the description of the membership of the elections committee, including those in the chair and vice chair positions.

Another revision is a change to the chair of personnel code. A.S. wants to have the chair of personnel provide a written report to the senate for all appointments to empty senate positions. The report will detail the applicant’s qualifications and rationale for the president’s nominations to that position. This is to give more clarity when a new senator is being nominated to fill a vacant position, giving more reasoning for that decision.

The council of chairs code was changed so that the council of chairs does not approve the interview questions for senate interviews. The A.S. sustainability chair code was changed so it could be geared toward the legislative side instead of the education side of the position.

“We have the whole A.S. sustainability and recycling outreach program who are responsible for education and outreach,” Solano said. “We wanted to make sure that the chair of sustainability position was more focused on the legislative side of sustainability and making referrals to the senate to act on.”